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Monday, 9 December 2013

Blog Blabber #1: IT'S CHRISTMAS!!


GUYS!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!! I've never been so excited for Christmas as I am this year!! Just the thought of not having work or college and just being able to relax with my family and eat all the food I could possibly imagine and drink hot chocolate until my hearts content. Ah I just cannot wait...
Do you guys know what you're getting off Santa this year? I haven't asked anyone for anything in particular so it's going to be so much fun Christmas morning opening random prezzies!  
I might actually do a video on what I got for Christmas? I've been so stuck for video ideas because I'm really limited due to not having a tri-pod stand yet.

Anywho, it is freezing here in Galway. But for some silly reason it hasn't snowed.. It never ever seems to snow in Ireland which is so disappointing because I want to make a snow man and throw snow balls at my boyfriend (hehe I'm evil ) Has it snowed where you're from yet? I've seen so many pictures on Twitter of snow in America and I'm so jealous! 

What's your favourite thing about the holidays? Mine is spending time with my family and buying people presents! I pretty much have everyone's gift already got which is a record for me because I usually leave everything until the last minute.. oops..

Merry Christmas everyone :) I hope the holidays are wonderful for you and that you get everything you ask for! 

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