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Sunday, 4 May 2014

LC's Tips & Tricks #1 - 10 Beauty Uses for Vaseline

We all have a tub of Vaseline lying around our house somewhere, for some reason. But what do you actually use it for? Is it just sitting there collecting dust? I have found 15 little beauty uses for Vaseline that might come in handy some day!

1. Tame Flyaways - Ever attempt to get that perfect sleeked back ponytail but those little baby hairs just won't co-operate? Apply a tiny little bit of Vaseline to your hair and it will hold all day.

2. Hair dye stains - If you dye your hair at home yourself but are prone to dying your forehead more than your hair. Apply some Vaseline on your forehead and hair line to prevent the dye from developing on your skin.

3. Prevent uneven tan - apply it to dry areas to prevent tan from being blotchy and uneven.

4.Eyelash glue - Apply it to the glue and easily wipe it away with a cotton pad

5. Prevent small cuts from bleeding - We have all cut yourselves from shaving but as a lot of people already know using Vaseline on the area will prevent the cut from bleeding and ruining your outfit!

6.Cuticles - When doing a home manicure, if you don't have any cuticle cream use Vaseline to soften cuticles.

7. Tweezing - Use it on your eyebrows to allow easier removal.

8. Powder to cream - Mix it with your powder eye shadows or blush to create a cream product.

9. Chapped lips - Can't find your lip balm? Apply some Vaseline to your lips to restore moisture and give you kissable lips again.

10. Nail Polish Caps - Stop the cap to your nail polish from stick together by applying some Vaseline to the nail when closing it.

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  1. I'll have to try out some of these. The hair dye one would have come in very handy a few hours ago! x

  2. I use Vaseline on my skin when dyeing my hair at home all the time! It saved me from embarassing stains so many times!
    Lovely post!