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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Review - W7 Chunky Lips Lip Crayon

Good evening lovelies, 
I mentioned on Twitter that I would be unable to upload a video today as I'm feeling unwell so I decided to do a blog post instead!

So I discovered the W7 brand a couple of months ago in a new Pharmacy that just opened. As soon as I looked at their products I knew that some were going to be dupes for high end brands.
I discovered these lip crayons that I thought might be interesting to use!

I picked up two colors, Glamorous the pale pink color and Sultry the dark pink color. If you have the brand W7 near you I would definitely recommend picking them up asap! They're so creamy, pigmented and the last forever! I wore the Sultry color out clubbing one night and I didn't have to top it up once, it lasted all night!!

I don't use a gloss over them either because I find that they are creamy enough to create their own sheen on your lips!

Glamorous                                                                                         Sultry

They retail for €2.00 which is definitely a bargain!! I'm going to go pick up every other color.... hehe.
You can purchase from selected stores listed here.

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                          - xo, Louise

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  1. Sultry is bang on! It makes your face glow! Now I want one! ��

  2. These colours look lovely on you, especially sultry. They look very summery. The lasting power of these sounds fab! x

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  3. Wow these look so good! I love the colour of sultry, it really suits you. Can't believe these are so cheap too! Will definitely be investing in some of these :) x