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Monday, 11 August 2014

Twitter Blog Chat Times!

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Twitter  Blog Chat Times!

When I first decided to start blogging I was so worried about how it would all turn out, how would I tell my family and friends, one day I got talking to someone on Twitter and they told me about Twitter chats. I then discovered this whole different world of wonderful people who all share the same interest as me: BLOGGING!
So I've decided to share the chat times, that I know of, with all of you so you can come join in our fun!!
You will meet the most amazing people while blogging and make some really good friends. :)

#bloggersdoitbetter - 7pm for general bloggers.
#bundlechat  - 7pm for general bloggers.
#fbloggers - 8pm for fashion bloggers
#healthyselves - 8pm for fitness and health bloggers
#beautybabble - 8pm for beauty blogger

#fblchat - 8pm for fashion and beauty bloggers
#bloghour - 9pm for general bloggers
#tweetursis - 9pm for small businesses

#lbloggers - 7pm for lifestyle bloggers
#bbloggers - 8pm for beauty bloggers
#stylechat - 8pm for fashion bloggers
#irishbizparty - 9pm for small Irish business'

#bloggerspace - 7pm for all bloggers
#fbloggers - 8pm for fashion bloggers
#beautichat - 9pm for beauty bloggers

#bloggersdoitbetter - 8pm for general bloggers
#tbloggers - 8pm for teen bloggers

#blogbrunch - 6pm for general bloggers 
#socailbloggers - 6pm for general bloggers

#bbloggers - 8pm for beauty bloggers
#lbloggers - 8pm for liftstyle bloggers

If you know any other Twitter chat times then be sure to comment down below :)

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                                -xo, Louise.

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