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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide For Him & Her!!

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Christmas Gift Guide For Him & Her!!
So, its that time of year again, when everyone is in a mad rush to get all there presents and making lists of what to get people. Here I have made a list of a few items I think might make good gifts and some which I will be buying for people! Hope this was in some way helpful.

For Her (You're Mom, Girlfriend, Sister, Friend, Grandma)
- Perfume, you can never go wrong with a nice smelling perfume!
- Make-up set, if their anything like me they're hoping to receive this for Christmas!
- A robe, because doesn't everyone love to be comfy?
- A bath set, this and the robe go hand in hand. Girls love to be comfy after a nice long bath!
- A watch, it doesn't have to be super expensive but a nice watch makes a great present.

For Him (Your Dad, Boyfriend, Brother, Sister, Grandfather)
- Cologne, men seem to always receive this at Christmas and lets face it they need it (hehe just kidding)!!
- A jumper/hoodie, men like to keep warm too and there's nothing better than buying a hoodie that you can later steal ;) Always think ahead ladies!
- A console game, this is usually what I buy my boyfriend and he seems fairly chuffed with it although I don't hear from him for hours on end after it he gets it!
- Candy / Chocolate, this is definitely one thing I will be buying my fella!! 

Hope you're all having a wonderful time buying gifts and preparing for Christmas! 

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