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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

10 Things To Try When You're Having A Bad Day

Hello loves,

We've all woken up some mornings and just know that it's not going to be your day. Good news is that you can turn around a bad day with positive thoughts and things that make you feel good.
I have some things that I like to do when I'm having a bad day to try and perk myself up a little bit so I figured I would share them with you.

1. Listen to your favourite song
Pick your favourite upbeat, happy song and sing it from the top of you lungs. Nothing gets me in a good mood more than screeching a good song.

2. Call your best friend/s
Whats better than having a chat with you're bestie when you're feeling down? You can rant about your bad day or you can talk about something different to take your mind away from things.

3. Eat some chocolate
Dark chocolate works particularly well as it helps your brain release endorphins. Maybe just a square or two though.

4. Go for a walk
In my opinion there is nothing more refreshing then taking a walk on a sunny day (which we don't get much of here)

5. Watch a funny YouTube video
Silly cat videos always get me

6. Light a candle
This is a strange one but I always find a nice scented candle lifts my mood a little.

7. Read inspirational quotes
Pinterest is the best for inspirations quotes.

8. Pray
What ever religion you believe in, sometimes believing in something greater than this world can make you feel better.

9. Watch a funny movie
Kevin Hart anyone?

10. Have a bath
Just sit back and relax in a nice Lush bubble bath and let your bad day wash down the drain with the water.

What are your favourite things to do when you're having a bad day?

Louise, xo

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