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Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Hello loves,

I want to tell you about this website I've been using to get some of my drugstore type products from, these sell loads of different brands from NYX to E.L.F, Covergirl to some random brands that you may never have heard of, which I find exciting because I love trying out new brands.
They even stock the much sought after L.A Girl concealers!!


ikateHouse.com sell a huge variety of items, From makeup to stationary, wigs to sunglasses, nail care to jewellery, hair accessories to scarves. They add new items every few weeks. 
You can pick up some items for €1.00!! That's insane, I've placed an ordered on there, I picked up some NYX goodies.

iKatehouse - Hair Accessories, Affordable Jewelry, Cosmetics, Eyelashes, Beauty Care
Link: iKateHouse.com
- Louise, xo

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