5 Self Care Tips || Mental Health

Following on from my post last week about my goals for 2020, I've started trying to implement little steps into my daily routine. They're just small things that will either benefit me long term or make my day a little brighter. We're all about that self love this year! ✨

1. Slowing down - take a minute to just stop. Take a breath, look around you & try to appreciate what you see, whether that be friends/family/nature or whatever else you can currently see around you. Take a minute & just try to appreciate it. I find that appreciating the smaller things in life makes dealing with bigger problems just that little bit easier.

2. To Do lists for everything - If I could make a to-do list of all the to-do lists I've created it would be a mile long.I find by making lists it frees up space in my head so I'm not stressing about what groceries I need or what blog post needs to be posted.

3. Organize your life - shelves, presses, drawers, anything where you're storing things. Spend a day & remove everything from the space, wipe it down & ONLY put back what you need / know you will get use out of. Donate anything that you can & trash whatever is broken / no good.

4. Self help books - I'm currently reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.. It's definitely taking a different approach to self help books but I'm really enjoying it so far. I would also recommend Good Vibes, Good Life & The Secret.

5. Podcasts - During my work day I've been trying to listen to some podcasts. Usually I opt for more true crime style but I've recently be trying to switch it up by listening to self love & educational podcasts. I've noticed that by having them on in the background whilst I'm working it allows me to take in what the hosts are saying without having to focus my attention 100% on it like watching a video would.

I've previously shared some steps to try when you're having a bad day - here.
Do you have any go to tips for making yourself feel better or practicing self care?  

Louise, xo



  1. Great tips! Self care is so important <3 It is so easy to get caught up in our crazy busy lives that we don't take time to care for our own needs, which only leads to stress, burnout, and inability to function well. You make some nice suggestions on how to stay ahead of that :)

  2. Great tips and this topic is so important! I try to always take a deep breather and meditate to help my anxiety about things. Reading book or doing macrame also helps!

  3. Tips number 3 & 4 is what have been holding me down! Really enjoyed this read❤️❤️❤️ XO MJ

  4. These are all so important. I have a list for EVERYTHING! It really does help so much x

  5. Awesome tips, I always recommend slowing down because living on a rush whether on our mind or our life is not healthy. It helps a lot following these steps.